COVID-19 Support for Businesses and Organizations

Posted on March 23,2020



Last updated: August 10, 2020

Businesses and organizations like yours help make up the heart of our downtown and the city of Rochester as a whole. In response to COVID-19, your business may be experiencing unexpected challenges. We at the Rochester Downtown Alliance are committed to providing as much support and timely updates as possible.


Get updates on laws and policies
  • July 6, 2020 - Mayor Kim Norton signed and the City Council voted to support the third amendment to the existing Emergency Declaration, requiring people to wear a face covering while in any indoor public space in Rochester. Click here for an FAQ document regarding face masking.
  • June 22, 2020 - The City of Rochester's practice of providing curbside parking spaces for businesses has been scaled back due to the enforcement of parking meters resuming and the creation of outdoor dining spaces. Contact Public Works for more information.
  • May 27, 2020 - Downtown parking ordinances will be reinstated June 1. Suspended contracts wishing to reinstate their monthly parking access should contact Reef Parking at
  • May 26, 2020 - The City of Rochester signed a local emergency order to allow bars and restaurants to add or expand outdoor seating.
  • March 26, 2020Liquor license payment deferrals available to businesses affected by COVID-19.
Find local business coaching

The following organizations offer guidance on government relief programs, continuity, or other issues related to COVID-19:

Seek local, state, and federal assistance
Keep yourself and employees safe and informed

Stay up to date from the following credible, official sources so you can respond quickly to changes that could affect you, your employees, and/or your customers.

    We are here for you when you need us. RDA is keeping our business listings updated weekly. Reach out to with updates. Find the listings on these pages:

    For how to support the downtown community and city further, visit this blog here.


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