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Meet Cam Hurd, new operations manager for downtown's Clean and Safe Ambassador Program

The Clean and Safe Ambassadors are some of the visible friendly faces you'll likely meet in downtown Rochester. Heading up this team is a new face: Cam Hurd. Let's get to know him, his background, and how it all works together as the new operations manager of this impactful program.

Tell us about yourself or how your background compliments your role in the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program.

My lengthy background in the customer service and sale industry makes me ideal for my role as the operations manager of this program. I helped run and maintain a T-Mobile store here in town for five years as a sales associate manager. This role really made me hone in on my ability to connect with and lead a group of people all toward a common goal. This role was also partly sales which allowed me to further develop my great approach to customer focus. I take great pride in being able to steer people in the proper direction and help them move forward toward their own personal and professional goals. Additionally, I worked in the automotive world for five years prior to my employment at T-Mobile, both as a salesperson and loan finance manager. In my personal time, I enjoy being outside and spending time with my children and family members. I have four children: three boys and one girl ranging in ages from one to 10 years of age. I am an avid football fan and follow my team, the Green Bay Packers, religiously!

What type of positive impact do you feel the Clean and Safe Ambassador program has on our downtown?

The Clean and Safe Ambassador Program plays a large role in our downtown in a few different fashions. This program ensures that the heart of downtown is clean and tidy for our residents as well as our visitors who are passing through temporarily. This program also makes sure people who come through this area of town are consistently cared for, watched over, and properly guided to anything they may need. The Ambassadors don't just clean' they are walking information tools. They are able to guide people to certain destinations, suggest eateries, shops, and services, and keep an eye over people to ensure everyone's safety.

What are you most looking forward to about working in downtown Rochester?

What I'm most looking forward to is being a part of something larger than myself. Being a part of the big picture. I'm very excited to bring some of my skills to the table and the overall vibrancy to our downtown.

What is your favorite public space in downtown Rochester?

Peace Plaza! Easily. Peace Plaza and the one block radius around it is a must for anyone visiting Rochester. It's chock full of culture, things to do, things to experience, great food and drinks. All in the very same area. In my own opinion, Peace Plaza has its own separate vibe from the rest of the city, and I'm very proud of that fact!

  Look for the Clean and Safe Ambassadors providing daily, essential cleaning services in their bright orange shirts and feel free to ask them for directions, places to visit while downtown, and more.