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Downtown's Best Cup of Joe

Whether it’s your morning must or an afternoon pick-me-up, downtown Rochester has the coffee you crave. Here’s who is brewin’ it up best:

Best specialty drink + best ambiance: Press Coffee & Tea. Surrender to your sweet tooth and opt for the Thai Iced Coffee – a strong brew complemented by the sweet creaminess of sweetened condensed milk served over ice. Chill out in one of the many reclaimed chairs and admire the unique art displays from local artists.

Best barista: Bravo Espresso. Make a few stops to Bravo for your a.m. espresso and it won’t be long before the staff knows you by name and can place your order before you can. Show up with a case of the Mondays and they’ll make it so you leave feeling like it’s Friday.

Best price: Starbucks. A mere $1.85 will get you 12 oz. of a robust roast. Bring in your own mug and save even more!

Best bean: Dunn Bros. If you want a fill of Rochester’s freshest, look no further than Dunn Bros. downtown! Dunn is celebrated for their quality cup comprised of freshly craft-roasted beans that they roast on-site daily.

Written by: Jeanette Caban

When Jeanette isn’t sneaking away from her desk at the Post-Bulletin for a caffeine fix, you can find her chronicling her love for DIYs projects, interior design and urban homesteading on the blog SimplyChic.