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The Cove

This is one treasure that is meant to be sought after and found, not hidden. Tucked quietly between two creative businesses (Cafe Steam at 315 S Broadway and Art Heads Emporium at 317 S Broadway) is an imaginative haven all its own. With a common vision for an exciting space filled with art, light, and an increased sense of safety through activation, the Rochester Downtown Alliance, Art Heads Emporium, and Cafe Steam created a space lovingly called “The Cove” in 2018. Since then, it has been a space locals and visitors take photos, spend time, and appreciate art.

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The Cove mural installation: October 17, 2019

Organically Yours, Leah Bee and Liz Forsman

Vinyl Wrapping of Alley Doors with Art

Artworks (left to right): 
Charley Mayo Would strap Canada Geese to His Back and Spend Sunday Afternoons Gliding the Mighty ZumbroChad Allen 
ImpalaMaggie Panetta

Are you an alley business or property owner and want to get involved?

The RDA works with alley businesses and property owners through a Façade Improvement Grant to incorporate additional design aspects. 

Please contact or 507-216-9882 for more information or partnership opportunities.