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The most pup-ular activities at Dogs Downtown

Dogs Downtown turns six this year (in dog years, that's 40 years). The saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" doesn't apply here! We're teaming up with presenting partner Subaru of Rochester to bring you these dog- and human-friendly activities September 18, when Dogs Downtown returns!

Agility course

Who let the dogs run in the Dogs Downtown agility course?! You certainly can and see how well your pup does. With tunnels, obstacles, and hurdles, the agility course is a fun activity for the dogs and an entertaining sight for you. Your dog will get a treat for making it through!

Ball pit

Just like kids go crazy for ball pits at arcades, your dog will love this version at Dogs Downtown! Watch them have a ball in the brightly-colored orbs that fill kiddie pools at the event. Talk about an Instagram story moment!

Cuddle Huddle

Get ready for your heart to melt! The Cuddle Huddle is a new feature for which you can donate $1 for one minute of cuddle time with pup. Funds will go to Pooches and Palomas' rescue. So cute!


Doggie/human beer garden

Little Thistle Brewing and Pooches and Palomas are creating an experience you and your pup can take part in at Dogs Downtown: a doggie/human beer garden! Throughout the event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., grab your pint and one for your dog (don't worry, it's bone broth "brewed" to look like beer) and to the dedicated area when the slurping can commence. Cheers!

Neon Green Studio Art Cart

Canines can get crafty at Dogs Downtown. OK, maybe the humans will on their behalf. Regardless, both of you will reap the rewards of something fun coming from Neon Green Studio's art cart (activity to be announced, so stay tuned!).

Photo booth

To commemorate this special time with your dog, gather the fam and snap a photo in front of the Dogs Downtown branded photo booth. We can see it now as your profile picture on social media! Make sure you tag us (on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and use might just show up on our profile, as well.

Click here for a Dogs Downtown map.

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