10 Most Asked-For Santa Presents and Where to Find Them in Downtown

Posted on December 10,2019


Santa Claus had to hurry on his way November 29. But before he waved goodbye, he gave us a peek at the Here Comes Santa Claus kids’ letters. What were the top asked-for gifts? Find out below!

10 Most Asked-For Presents

  1. LOL (dolls and accessories)
  2. Legos
  3. A hoverboard
  4. BeyBlade
  5. Barbie doll
  6. Doll house*
  7. Hot Wheels
  8. Clothes**
  9. Shoes**
  10. Treasure Hunters

*Find at Baby, Baby
**Find at Baby, Baby, CP3, and The Nordic Shop

Where to Find Other Kids' Toys & Clothing in Downtown Rochester

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