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8 Reasons to Attend SocialICE

SocialICE 2019 is on its way and this year we’re pulling out all the stops! From a giant igloo to all-new ice bar themes and LIVE painting on 1st Avenue, this year is bigger and better than ever. Need more convincing? We have listed our top eight reasons why we think you should attend...

1. Embrace the Cold like a True Minnesotan

This unique experience found right in the heart of Rochester give us Minnesotans an excuse to enjoy time in the cold and not be looked at like we’re crazy. Bundle up and enjoy the outdoors because this isn’t an event you can find elsewhere.

2. Engage with Downtown Businesses

Hit up all your favorite Downtown bars, restaurants, and music all found in one place! Our eight uniquely themed ice bars make for a great opportunity to test out different Downtown bars and restaurants, while mingling with other locals. Use SocialICE as an opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and try one of the bars signature drinks or keep it old school and relive your childhood with a hot chocolate, however, beware as this one might be served with a twist.

3. 15 Seconds of Fame

From our larger than life ice sculptures to our giant SocialICE letters, this event is packed with the best photo spots to snap a selfie. Not only can you post the photo on Facebook to brag to your friends about how much fun you’re having, but if you hashtag #SocialICE on the post, we’ll put you up on the big screen for your 15 seconds of SocialICE fame! Check out the details on our photo contest here and see how you can win a $50 gift card!

4. Interact with the Community

SocialICE is the perfect time to mingle with other Rochester locals. Thanks to Threshold Arts at Castle Community, now you can mingle with local artists at our nightly Paint Jam! Each night local artists will be live painting at the event from 7-9PM. Watch them work and see how the artwork unfolds as they add to the large structure each night until the final masterpiece is revealed on the final night of SocialICE.

5. SocialICE FAM JAM

Our brand new event SocialICE FAM JAM offers an exclusive opportunity to enjoy SocialICE before the sun goes down. Bring out your family for a day of snow-building, Eskimo Yoga and scavenger hunts! All these activities and more will help to create a day worth melting for. See all the details on our SocialICE FAM JAM activities blog

6. Get Your Groove On

It wouldn’t be a party without music! Each night of SocialICE will feature a local DJ to get your blood pumping and get the crowd moving. Enjoy a drink and move to the beat on the string-lit Party Pergola, brought to you by Rochester Area Builders. A variety of music styles will be played, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

7. Relax While Staying Warm

This cool event is bringing the heat. Our largest addition to SocialICE, the giant igloo, named ‘The Clubhouse’ and presented by Somerby Golf Club will host a warming house for attendees to gather in. Rural meets urban with the Kraus-Anderson provided fire pits right in the center of the event; toast your toes and relax with friends.

8. Socialize at SocialICE

Last but not least, SocialICE is for socializing! Whether you’re coming to the event with friends, family, or solo, SocialICE is the perfect central gathering spot to connect with others Downtown. You may even run into some old friends and what a better spot than SocialICE to grab a drink and reconnect.

Make sure to follow our SocialICE Facebook page for updated details, and follow Downtown Rochester MN on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as we continue to announce event details!