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#MyDowntownRochMN featuring Tangerine

In Tim Hawkin’s #MyDowntownRochMN interview he shared how Tangerine is one of his Downtown ‘go-to’s’ for shopping, so we decided to sit down with Joan Blakely McCoy, the owner of Tangerine, to learn more about her store.

Samantha: Hi Joan, thanks for talking with me today. Can you start off my sharing a little bit about yourself and Tangerine?

Joan: I wear many different hats at Tangerine—owner, buyer, but overall, I’m the ‘Top Banana”. At Tangerine, we offer the entire shopping experience from our upbeat music, to our invigorating scents, and colorful merchandise. We strive to create a fun, colorful and positive environment for our customers. Color makes you happy and we are determined to make this a place our customers can feel cheerful and welcome!

Samantha: That is so true, it’s impossible to leave Tangerine in a bad mood. What types of items can be found at Tangerine?

Joan: We have gifts that are fun, unique, whimsical, and trendy. Our store carries everything from baby and kitchen gifts to cards, napkins and socks. You’re sure to find gifts that will suite any age, party or budget! Most people come in shopping for things that make them laugh, smile and feel good, whether it be to grab themselves a treat or to find gifts for their family and friends.

Samantha: There are so many things that can be found at Tangerine for diverse types of people, but who is the average ‘Tangerine customer’?

Joan: The average Tangerine customer is looking for unusual gifts for their favorite friends, family, and coworkers. We carry a wide selection of gift and hostess items, so our customers can grab their cards, gifts and party supplies in one place. We even offer bright, fun gift wrap with your purchase to make each gift complete!

Samantha: What’s a fun item you would recommend?

Joan: My favorite item that we have sold for 15 years is the rainbow maker. It is a solar run crystal that spins in a window and refracts light to project rainbows all over the room. It’s fun for everyone!

Samantha: Why did you choose to open your business Downtown?

Joan: Being in the heart of Downtown means we are easily accessible to everyone. The store’s bright and colorful windows are visible to visitors passing by and help to bring customers in. Also, being in Downtown gives us the opportunity to be immersed in many of Rochester’s different events.

Samantha: As the owner, I’m sure you’ve seen many things come through those doors. Overall, what is your favorite part of your job?

Joan: I just love it when we make someone’s day. The stores fun atmosphere invites customers in and allows them to escape reality even if it’s only for twenty minutes.

Samantha: That’s awesome. Thanks for talking with me today!

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