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Thinking Thursdays: Five Tips for Making the Most of Thursdays on First & 3rd

The first day of summer may not technically be until June 21st, but Thursdays on First & 3rd kicks off this Thursday, June 4th, and it feels like summer is in full swing to me. For those of you who know what I’m talking about--welcome back to your favorite day of the (work) week. And for any Rochester-ites who haven’t been downtown yet…come join the fun. We’ll be here.  

Whether or not you’ve been to Thursdays on First & 3rd before, check out my top five To-Dos for a flawless summer market season. 

1. Take advantage of new Themed Thursdays

Love supporting Rochester non-profit groups? Not sure where to parade that pair of red, white & blue shorts sitting in your dresser? Want to take a selfie with the giant RedBall? You can do all of this, and more, at this year’s newest addition: “Themed Thursdays.” Select Thursdays throughout the summer will have additional activities centered on a variety of themes, such as “Pay it Forward,” “Red, White & Blue,” and “Redball Project Rochester.” These themes add a whole new way to enjoy your Thursdays. Check out this page for a full listing of themes and how to plan accordingly! 

2. Know what you want out of your time

Like me, you might remember when Thursdays on First & 3rd was just "Thursdays on First" and had just a handful of booths. Well, things have gotten a lot bigger in recent years, especially the music scene. Make sure you check out the band lineup to see when your favorites are playing, and don’t forget all the bands and performers who provide the Lunchtime Entertainment and plan accordingly so you don't miss your favorite entertainers. Thursdays on First & 3rd can fly by in a flash -- make the most of it!

3. Revisit an Old Favorite 

Rejoice! Your favorite hand-made soaps, big cookies, henna tattoos, and ceramics will be back this year! Make sure to stop by, chow down, get dyed, and stock up before the summer turns into fall. Whatever you love about Thursdays on First, relish it while it lasts. And new this year, and a welcome one, is the online interactive vendor map. It allows you to see where your favorite vendors are as well as some new ones that we all can't wait to visit! 

4. Sample Something New 

It can be so easy to fall into comfortable habits, so make the most out of your time downtown by trying a new food, a new band, or a new product. Who knew you loved gyros that much? Now you do. Go outside your comfort zone and get to know a new vendor, band, or restaurant. Sometimes serendipity is the best guide and we'll have fun ideas for how to do that on our blog.  

5. Wear Sunscreen. 

You won't regret it.  

Jane Funk is a blogger, educator, reader, and nap-taking enthusiast and is the guest blogger for the summer downtown Rochester blog series Thinking Thursdays with Jane Funk.

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