About the RDA

The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation comprised of a broad range of people—representing property owners, business leaders, the city and others with a direct stake in enhanced business and economic development conditions in the Downtown district (click for special service district boundaries map).

Visit our About page for more information about the RDA.

Current RDA Employment Opportunities

Administrative and grants coordinator

The Rochester Downtown Alliance is seeking an administrative and grants coordinator to keep us organized internally and well-equipped to support our stakeholders externally. On the administrative side, we are seeking a truly organized person who loves systems, processes, and efficiency. On the grants side, we seek a team member who can hit the ground running with our existing grant programs and invest the time and research to make each program more effective, efficient, and widely used. Click here to read the full job description and details for how to apply.


Current Internship and/or High School Mentorship Opportunity

Summer events and marketing internships

Thank you for your interest in the RDA! There are no current opportunities at this time.


Current Work Experience Opportunity

There are no current opportunities at this time.


Current Clean and Safe Ambassador Program Employment Opportunities (through Block By Block)

Thank you for your interest in the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program! Please see the following employment opportunity.

Clean Ambassadors and Safety Associates:

Do you enjoy meeting new people, (at a safe six ft. distance, of course!) have a helpful disposition and enjoy being outdoors? Are you hardworking, dependable and kind? Well, then we'd like to chat with you about an opportunity for you. This is a great job for someone that enjoys meeting and helping people. Clean Ambassadors and Safety Associates are the people that others turn to for directions and guidance when they are lost or in need of help. Is that person you? Maybe? Well, read the job descriptions here and if it is, please apply today by emailing Cam Hurd at churd@blockbyblock.com.