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Shining a Light on the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program, a 2019 Thursdays Downtown Partner

The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program is just one of many community-minded partners that makes Thursdays Downtown successful! The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) is appreciative of its partnership and wants to shine the spotlight on them! Let's learn a little more about the organization from Katy Maeder, Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program's marketing and recruitment coordinator!

Katie: Thank you, Katy, for joining me and sharing more about the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program! Please tell us about the organization.

Katy: The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center is a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting the patients here at Mayo Clinic.  All blood product that is collected at the Mayo Clinic Donor Center stays in-house and is used for our patients in the Olmsted County community. Last year The Mayo Clinic transfused approximately 50,000 units of blood. The need for blood is constant – just one donation can help save multiple lives.

Katie: With 50,000 units of blood transfused, how can people make a difference with the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program?

Katy: The simplest way is to donate blood; learn more here. Additionally people can host a blood drive. We all have busy schedules, and it may be hard to find the time to donate blood. The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center offers a convenient way for you to give blood at different locations around the Olmsted County community with mobile blood drives. Another way is to lead a blood donor challenge. Encourage your family, friends, colleagues, or groups in your community to a blood donor challenge. These friendly competitions are a fun way to encourage others to donate and save lives in the process. During the challenge, team members simply check in at one of our donation locations with their team name; this ensures the donation is counted during the “competition.” When the challenge ends, the group with the highest percent participation wins bragging rights. Are you ready to start a challenge?

Katie: One of the ways you mentioned is to donate at the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center. Where and what are the hours of the center?

Katy: There are two centers where people can donate blood. The first is in the Hilton Building on the first floor. It's open from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and can be reached at 507-284-4475. The second center is on the Saint Mary's Campus in the Joseph Building on the main floor and room M-86. That one is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and the phone number is 507-255–4359.

Katie: The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program has a great presence in the community already! Why does the organization partner with the RDA for Thursdays Downtown?

Katy: Thursdays Downtown is a great way to interact with the community. Our goal is to get the word out about the Blood Donor Center and add some new lifetime donors to our growing blood donor family here at the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center.

To learn more about the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program, please visit its website.