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Shining a Light on Northwest Dental Group, a 2019 Thursdays Downtown Partner

Northwest Dental Group is proud to be one of the Thursdays Downtown First Avenue Stage Band Partners in 2019! The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) is appreciative of its partnerships and wants to shine the spotlight on them! Let's learn a little more about the organization from Missy Weingarten, Northwest Dental Group's marketing coordinator!

Katie: Thanks for joining me, Missy, and sharing more about Northwest Dental Group (NWDG)! Tell us about the organization and how long it’s been a part of the Rochester community.

Missy: Northwest Dental Group has been in the Rochester community since 1965 when it opened its 14th Street location. It was in 1983 that Dr. Sperling joined the team. Dr. Post joined in 2003 and became a NWDG partner in 2008. Our Superior Drive office opened in 2012. NWDG expanded again in 2018 when it acquired Nolting Dental and held the official grand opening in May 2019.

Katie: What excites NWDG about the community or why is the organization involved in community events?

Missy: Dr. Post feels strongly about helping our community. NWDG helps people who cannot afford dental care by annually hosting a free dental care day. In 2018, her group provided more than $40,000 in free dental care to people in need who live in Rochester. In addition, Dr. Post strongly supports Rochester youth athletics. She is a volunteer coach with the Mayo 4th Grade Boys Traveling Basketball Team. She personally provides scholarships for several aspiring athletes whose families cannot afford the expenses of being on traveling basketball teams. Her dental practice is always happy to lend a hand and support and sponsors many teams and other youth programs here in Rochester. Her generosity also extends to her employees by providing scholarships for continuing education and many of her employees have used this opportunity to further their careers. Her spirit of giving back to the community has spread to her employees and many have become regular volunteers at local charitable organizations.

Katie: Why does the organization partner with the RDA for Thursdays Downtown?

Missy: We partner with RDA for Thursdays Downtown to be in front of the community to promote our core values of legendary service, community giveback, ethical service, and positivity at our dental practices.

Katie: Here's a fun question: What is the amount of floss NWDG gives out yearly?

Missy: We saw 30,008 patients last year which equals 150,040 yards of floss!

To learn more about Northwest Dental Group, please visit its website.