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#MyDowntownRochMN featuring The Tap House

In Sam and Ariel's #MyDowntownRochMN they both mentioned how much they enjoy The Tap House, especially for "date nights", live music, along with a variety of food and drink options. So we only thought it was appropriate to head over to The Tap House and grab an interview with the two powerhouse women behind it all. Below is their story and how The Tap House came to be, enjoy! 

Samantha: Natalie and Christine thank you so much for joining me today! Can you start by telling me why you started The Tap House?

Christine: Well we actually bought the building without a plan.

Natalie: True story. The Tap House just kind of evolved, we had no plan, there actually isn’t really a good story behind the name, but we knew we wanted to do something Downtown; it’s such a unique place and we love the hustle of the work week.

Samantha: No fun story behind the name?

Christine: Well we can sure make one up for you (laughs).

Samantha: Well I hear that every great story starts with a beer and I know you have plenty! Can you tell me what a typical day looks like for you?

Christine: A typical day is...Well with 50 rotating beers, there are a lot of details and organization to keep it all flowing smoothly. As well as keeping tabs on our bartenders. It's a scary world out there and we want to be sure they are all safe and making good decisions (especially Adam).

Samantha: Oh Adam, he must be a trouble maker! At a restaurant as popular as yours and with many options on the menu; I know it will be hard, but can you tell me what the crowd favorites are?

Natalie: Our tacos are by far the hit - We have authentic Mexican street tacos - We also have hand battered cheese curds and cauliflower. Both of those are big sellers. As for drinks, other than beer (of course), our Blackberry Mojito is by far the biggest seller, even in the winter. We can hardly keep the syrup in stock.

Samantha: With so many choices how do you even decide! I’m sure people tend to try many different things, but can you tell me what the biggest bar tab is that you have seen for one person?

Christine: I have what I think was the biggest tab to date...for 1 person... It's not unusual for a single person to pick up a tab for a group...but that's for a group! We got a call from a man who was here for the clinic. He said he was from Wisconsin. He said that he had our tacos the last time he was in town and just couldn't forget them. He said he craved them and needed to order some to take back to Wisconsin. No problem....We could package them in ice, so they would survive the trip. Then I said..."What can I get for you?" I was shocked when he replied..."I would like 100 tacos...make it a variety please!" His bill came to over $1300 plus he added a very nice tip for the kitchen! We packaged it in bulk for him and he was good to go! Probably the biggest single tab!

Samantha: That’s amazing and I do enjoy your tacos! I also love that you do a Taco Tuesday special! What other specials do you offer?

Natalie: As you mentioned we have Taco Tuesday, which includes ½ priced tacos and $4 Margaritas and on Wednesdays we have Burger Pint Wednesdays which includes ½ priced burgers and $4 pints. Plus, we also offer Trivia every Sunday starting at 7pm.

Samantha: Mmmm my mouth is watering! Do you have any secret menu items?

Natalie: Yes! The Tap House Caliente drink. It is an award-winning drink that is our best kept menu secret. Jalapeno Infused tequila, Passionfruit, Pomegranate Cordial, Blood Orange Bitters and Lime...with a Salt/Pepper rim. To. Die. For.

Samantha: Sounds like the perfect drink to warm you up in the dead of winter! Anything else you want to share with me? Any juicy stories?

Christine: The best story is the one where my husband came in at 5am one Saturday morning to clean the beer lines and he found a man…. I better stop there, but anyone reading this is welcome to come in and hear the full story.

Samantha: Cliff hanger ending! Well thank you both so much for sharing your story with me!

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