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A preview of Social-ICE FAM JAM 2023!

Bundle up the family and head to downtown Rochester for Social-ICE FAM JAM, the free family-friendly day of Social-ICE, presented by Mayo Clinic February 25! The weather may be chilly, so the following planned activities will be a wonderful way to stay warm. Find a first-look preview of Social-ICE FAM JAM below.

Social-ICE FAM JAM Febrero 25, 2023

Social-ICE FAM JAM es el día gratuito de diversión familiar dentro del marco del festival de hielo al aire libre del centro de Rochester. Cuenta con esculturas de hielo y otras actividades de invierno para toda la familia.

Social-ICE FAM JAM Febraayo 25, 2023

Social-ICE FAM JAM waa maalinta madadaalada qoyska ee bilaashka ah ee dabbaaldegyada barafka ee magaalada hoose ee Rochester. Waxay ka kooban tahay farshaxannada barafka iyo hawlaha kale ee jiilaalka ee qoyska.

25 فبراير 2023 Social-ICE FAM JAM

إنَّ فعالية الجليد الإجتماعية هو يوم المرح العائلي المتميز لمهرجان الجليد في الهواء الطلق في وسط مدينة روجستر.

  Quick event information

Dates and times: 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, February 25
Where: Peace Plaza in downtown Rochester

  Click here for a downloadable Social-ICE FAM JAM map!


Who says winter has to be drab? Outdoor activities are the name of the game for Social-ICE FAM JAM! This includes a giant Lite Brite™, light-up hula hoops, illuminated jump ropes, and Skip-Its™. (Parents who knew what these were in the 1990’s may need to explain these popular toys to the kiddos.) Another game children will really enjoy is the Plinko-style game thanks to TEXTEIJL. If the game’s token lands on correctly, a prize awaits your child! Neon Green Studio will host a winter-themed art activity for the first 300 kids who attend FAM JAM. Find out some of the new features at Social-ICE FAM JAM here.

Photo opps

In addition to the giant Social-ICE letters, Wall of ICE, and ice sculptures, unique photo opportunities abound at FAM JAM! For example, Winona State University, Rochester will have actual sled dogs onsite standing ready to snap a pic. Local mascot celebrities like Rockie the Raptor (from University of Minnesota Rochester) and Boomer, the Rochester Grizzlies mascot, will be roaming and ready for a photo opp. KTTC’s ice desk will remain at Social-ICE FAM JAM for kiddos to sit behind an anchor desk and be a news reporter for a great photo!

Warm-up zones

While all this cold-weather fun is great, it may be time to warm up. Luckily, Kraus-Anderson is back providing their popular fire pits and a delicious build-a-s’mores bar! Another “cool” experience is the giant igloo warming house brought to us by Majestic Events. If something is needed to be toasty warm from the inside out, try the Corona’s Tacos truck for street tacos or B-Lo Zero Sno Cones & Minnie Donuts stand onsite for hot chocolate and hot mini donuts.


Need a breather? Pull up a seat at an available table onsite. A great option for enjoying your meal while getting away from the hustle and bustle is a Heart of the City tree room, complete with benches for standing or sitting. Need a bathroom break? There are restrooms available onsite before you leave Social-ICE FAM JAM.


Thanks to these kid-centric partners to help make Social-ICE FAM JAM memorable for you and your family:

  Stay up to date on Social-ICE FAM JAM here and by following the Facebook event updates.