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Hello. We're Downtown Rochester

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Downtown Rochester Stakeholder Celebration Highlights Downtown Stakeholders and Rochester Downtown Alliance History and Future.

What makes a downtown unique? Vibrant? Authentic? What makes it the place to be? It’s the people. The Community. It’s our heritage. It’s Our future. It’s our downtown.

People. Place. Experience. These are the focus of the Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) during our stakeholder celebration held on March 22. 

The event highlighted the history and milestones of the RDA's contributions to downtown Rochester. Coinciding with past milestones, the event marked its own milestone with the reintroduction of ourselves to the community with an updated look and communication of values derivative of the RDA mission:

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Attendees of the event were greeted by RDA staff and Board Members, and attendees shared there excitement of the event both at the event and online.

Attendees were also treated to downtown Rochester SWAG and the newly created Stakeholder Member Kit, which features information and materials that shared details about who the RDA is and what we do, and some of the great benefits downtown Rochester Stakeholders receive.

The Downtown Rochester Stakeholder Celebration is just the beginning. We're dedicated to provided the best downtown experience, and we can't do that with the people, places, and experiences that make downtown Rochester the best part of Rochester.

Photo by @RochPubLibrary.

Logo Variations

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Our Story is all About People, Places, and Experiences

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(Above) Updated downtown Rochester website set to launch April 2016.

(Above) Downtown Rochester mock ups.

© 2016 Rochester Downtown Alliance. All Rights Reserved