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3 Food-Allergy-Friendly Eats at Thursdays Downtown

Living with a food allergy or a dietary restriction doesn't mean depriving yourself of mouthwatering fare. Whether you have a sensitivity to gluten or dairy or you are a vegetarian, delicious options complementary to your dietary needs can be found at Thursdays Downtown!

Cold Pad Thai Salad (GF, DF, V) from Bleu Duck Kitchen

It's the typical oriental dish that satisfies your cravings and your dietary restrictions! Bleu Duck Kitchen merges rice noodles, a variety of veggies, toasted almonds, and a gluten-free tamari peanut vinaigrette to accommodate the order for your sensitivities. As is, it's gluten- and dairy-free and vegetarian. Ixnay the scrambled egg and it can be made vegan, as well!

Sloppy Joe Nachos (GF, DF) from Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery

Mixing and matching is encouraged with Four Daughters' Sloppy Joe Nachos! Easily change up the toppings to fit your allergy needs including dairy free or gluten free. Whatever your combination, the Sloppy Joe Nachos are sure to please your taste buds!

Paella (GF) from Grand Rounds Brewing Company

Stand at Grand Rounds Brewing Company's Thursdays Downtown booth long enough and rest assured on your restrictions: you'll see the ingredients being added to its paella! Bomba rice is the base of this Spain-originated dish, which also features onion, peppers, butter, garlic, parsley, white wine, turmeric, and saffron. To add some protein to your meal, choose from either chicken or shrimp.

GF = gluten free
V = vegetarian
DF = dairy free

To find these dietary-friendly delights at Thursdays Downtown, view an interactive event map here.

DISCLAIMER: While every effort was made to provide accurate information, this list is not all-encompassing of food allergy/dietary restrictions. The Rochester Downtown Alliance staff and Thursdays Downtown food vendors cannot guarantee food is made in a 100 percent food allergy-free zone. Should an event attendee experience an allergic reaction to a Thursdays Downtown food, the Rochester Downtown Alliance will not be held responsible.