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In the News: "'Thursdays' takes on new persona during winter" - KTTC

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – It's about this point in the winter when we start to get a little bit of cabin fever and it's tough to imagine that we're more than halfway to the return of summer.

Fast forward 149 days from Thursday, and thousands will be flocking to downtown Rochester for the first Thursdays on First and Third of the year.

"That's my happy place! To go outside without a coat!" gushed Rochester resident Sheila Rainey.

But now, in the dead of winter, almost every Thursday is spent above or below 1st Avenue in the skyways and subways.

"Everybody does move up here and move into the different food court areas right now in the winter time, and the subway as well,” said Rochester resident Denny Djock.

The vibrant outdoor pulse of Rochester is now either huddled indoors or bundled up under layers of scarves.

"You would certainly need to be bundled up with only your eyeballs showing if you were going to look at Thursdays on First..." click for full article.


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