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Find this tucked-away international food scene in downtown Rochester

Culinary cultures of the world will spice up your lunch life when you decide to dine out at the 1st Avenue Food Court. If you didn’t know downtown Rochester had one, let us share about the international flavors—from Indian to Mexican to Chinese and everything in between—that can be found within feet of each other!

Blue Diamond Indian Restaurant

Whether you come to the 1st Avenue Food Court from Galleria at University Square or through the entrances on 1st Avenue or 2nd Street, you will travel around the world all the way to India at the first food court stop: Blue Diamond Indian Restaurant! Savor the flavors of chicken tikka masala, curry, or a paneer frankie. Or check out Blue Diamond’s lunch menu specials on its Facebook page.

Chinese Chinh’s Express

While the distance between the countries of India and China is approximately 4,178 miles, the space between Blue Diamond and Chinese Chinh’s Express is much shorter (just across a hallway from each other, to be exact)! Choose from Chinese creations like sweet and sour chicken, Szechuan beef, shrimp fried rice, or tofu spicy green bean.

Corona’s Tacos

Your tastebuds are in for a ride when ordering from Corona’s Tacos! But there will be no jet lag here. Just authentic Mexican eats of burritos, quesadillas, tortas, and, of course, tacos. And all made fast so you can be on your way to the next destination or sit and enjoy it in the 1st Avenue Food Court’s seating area.

Thai Garden

Whether you want a quick appetizer (especially if you have dined at all the above) or a full-on meal, Thai Garden offers salads, soups, and noodles with a Thai twist. Try the standard Pad Thai or the unique Tom kha kai soup. Best of all? There is a rotating menu so you will always find something different to sample!

Wabi Sabi Express

Off to Wabi Sabi Express now for taste of Japan, where sushi and ramen are staple dishes. Same as Wabi Sabi! The pho noodle bowl is one of the best around. So is the poke and a Vietnamese iced coffee. Whatever you order to eat or drink, Wabi Sabi won’t steer you wrong!

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