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Organically Yours: A Downtown Rochester Mural Collaboration

A new mural in downtown Rochester, created by local artists Leah Bee of Canvas & Chardonnay and Liz Forsman, will blend one artist’s style of colorful organic shapes with another’s line art.

Already a collaborative space filled with art, lighting, and creative energy, The Cove behind Canvas & Chardonnay and Café Steam will see the addition of Leah and Liz’s mural October 18. Balancing Leah’s abstract art and Liz’s line work is what makes the new mural into one seamless masterpiece.

“I adore Liz’s line work. Adding my pops of colors and organic shapes alongside her details looks so dreamy; I can’t wait to see it come to life,” said Leah Bee, co-owner of Canvas & Chardonnay.

The emphasis of this mural and other 3rd Street Alley Project* initiatives is on changing the perception of underutilized public spaces like the 3rd Street alley. Public spaces like these seem safer and livelier when brought to life through art, lighting, and activity.

Leah agrees her own mural, Adventure Magic, to the back of Canvas & Chardonnay has helped introduce people to a space that normally is overlooked. And art is an element that has introduced her to new people, as well.

“It’s a conversation starter with all the people who stop, and it’s an invitation to appreciate art in their own way.”

No doubt Leah’s and Liz’s collaboration mural will do the same, while making downtown Rochester more inviting, safer, and lively.

*Started in 2018, the 3rd Street Alley Project is an initiative by the Rochester Downtown Alliance in collaboration with downtown businesses. Canvas & Chardonnay and Café Steam owners were two early advocates and helped launch The Cove, in which the additions of art, lighting, and activation began this past summer. 

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