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A more interactive experience at Thursdays Downtown

Interact with Thursdays Downtown in a whole new way! Many of the vendors offer a chance to be more engaged with the foods, products, and aromas that make the event worth experiencing. Here's how to do just that!

Pick your own fresh flower bouquet

Stop and smell the roses...or whatever fresh flowers Our Farm Fresh has available that week. Whether you want to create a summery arrangement for someone else or a bouquet of your favorites just for you, fresh flowers always are a day brightener!

Taste some delicious salsa

Mild, extra hot, or fruity: You get to decide what salsa to try! Swing by Snappy Dog Salsa's booth for the different varieties including regular salsa and kinds like blueberry, mango, rhubarb, and apple. All of them are delicious that it's hard to pick just one!

Get some body art

An ancient practice originating from Egypt, henna is the art of adding temporary ink to the body. At the present day Thursdays Downtown, there are two henna artists—Attract Art and Henna by Rachel—to create your own design or one from the inspiration board.

Take an up-close look at bees

Have no fear: the bees at The Bee Shed's space are contained in their glass home while at Thursdays Downtown. (Whew!) Let the onsite bee expert, Chris, point out the queen bee and learn about the process of beekeeping to make that sweet nectar, honey.

Create a bicycle spin artwork

How do you use a bicycle to paint? Head to Bicycle Spin Art/Backyard Greenhouse's booth to see and experience the clever contraption you pedal to make a painted canvas! The best parts? No two works are the same and you get in a little exercise!

Sample mixology starters

Pooches and Palomas is a one-of-a-kind Thursdays Downtown vendor. One of the owners, Dani, used to be a mixologist and now offers drink starters named after dog breeds. Take "The Doodle," for example: it's a best-selling blend of passionfruit, strawberry, lime, and mint and is best served with vodka or rum. Stop by, see them (and the pooches they have there for adoption), and sample a variety or two!

Craft your own letters decor

A-B-C is easy as 1-2-3 with Photo Letter Project! Choose the word you wish to create, select the individual letters from the various designs, and let the booth staff take care of the rest! They will assemble your project onsite, so you have a truly distinctive decor piece to take home right away.

DISCLAIMER: Although every effort was made to provide accurate information, we do not guarantee the above vendors will be onsite every week of Thursdays Downtown. Please refer to the interactive map for the most up-to-date vendors. If yours is a vendor listed in this blog and anything needs updating, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Thanks for reading and enjoy this season of Thursdays Downtown.