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Get to Know an Ambassador: Milton Prince

Meet Milton Prince, one of our Clean and Safe Ambassadors you'll likely see or have seen in downtown Rochester. He takes such pride in his work as an Ambassador and wants to make sure people visiting downtown have a good experience. Let's get to know him better so he'll be like a friend you meet on the street next time you're in downtown.

Tell us about yourself or how your background compliments your role in the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program.

My name is Milton Prince. I have two kids and I’m originally from Chicago. I’ve been in Rochester for about five years. We moved to Rochester to have a new start and new environment for my kids.

I was a paid intern with a similar program in Chicago. We did the same thing as we’re doing with the downtown Rochester program: basically, weed abatement, snow removal, and hospitality.

What type of positive impact do you feel the Clean and Safe Ambassador program will have on our downtown?

I have a lot of people telling me we’re doing a great job on the cleaning. That it looks better than it did before we started the program. I think we’re having a big impact on downtown Rochester.

What are you most looking forward to about working in downtown Rochester?

Meeting new people. I like to show people places I know of or I can show them right away because I don’t have to look at a map.

What is your favorite public space in downtown Rochester or outside of downtown?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite spot. I just like seeing people being happy and with a smile on their face. Our work helps make people happy. A lot of people have big smiles when they tell us what a good job our group is doing.

Look for the Clean Team Ambassadors providing daily, essential cleaning services in their bright orange shirts and ask them for assistance. And stay tuned here for more information about this growing program.