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#MyDowntownRochMN with Shane Braatz

We are one month into the #MyDowntownRochMN campaign and we, at the Rochester Downtown Alliance, are so excited to continue to provide interviews all year long. No matter the season, we’ll provide you with firsthand knowledge of how you can make YOUR Downtown experience even better. Plus, we invite you to share what you love about Downtown Rochester by using #MyDowntownRochMN on your social media accounts. 

Last week we heard from Amanda Golden and her love for the First Avenue Food Court. This week we sat down with Shane Braatz for #MyDowntownRochMN to get his take on all things Downtown Rochester, MN. 

Samantha: Hey Shane, thanks so much for sitting down with me to share your story for #MyDowntownRochMN. Can you start off by telling me a little about you and your Downtown Rochester experience?

Shane: Hey Samantha, thanks for having me! My name is Shane Braatz and I’m a Media Consultant for The Post-Bulletin. I live in the neighborhood just above Civic Center Drive, behind Kismet. It’s the perfect area, as I’m only a five or ten-minute walk from everything Downtown. I love that I can start my day with a short jog along the beautiful Zumbro River and end it with some of the amazing food that’s available Downtown.

Samantha: What a great start to your day! You mentioned you end your day with food, where do you go?

Shane: My all-time favorite Downtown restaurant for a night out would have to be Terza. It’s the closest thing to authentic Italian food I’ve found outside of Italy, and I’ve looked around quite a bit. The Rigatoni Bolognes (Ragu) is to-die-for and the atmosphere can’t be beat for any special occasion. For a drink, I love the always changing selection of dark beers at The Tap House. Give me a good Milk Stout and I’m happy – the more local the better.

Samantha: Speaking of local, I seem to always see you hanging out at Café Steam. In addition, are there any must attend events that are specific to Rochester?

Shane: What can I say? Café Steam has the perfect environment that blends relaxation with productivity; I don’t think I could survive my work day without it! As for local events, I cannot miss SocialICE. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, and it showcases the spirit of winter in Minnesota in the best possible way. I also love going to the Rochester Downtown Farmer’s Market every Saturday throughout the season. I tend to always find something new and interesting there.

Samantha: I have to agree with you there, both are great events that provide unique experiences for the community. Speaking of things to do and places to see, if you had a friend or family come to visit, what recommendations would you provide?

Shane: Well first off, I’d recommend the Kahler Grand Hotel to stay at. It’s a Rochester staple and an important part of the community. You won’t find a better location, as it’s right in the heart of the city, with both subway and skyway access. I’d also recommend the Mayo Civic Center and the Rochester Civic Theatre; they bring such amazing talent to Rochester and the newly remodeled building is gorgeous. Lastly, I’d of course recommend the Peace Plaza and recommend or encourage them to check out the Shops at University Square.

Samantha: It seems like you’d be a great host! You recommended shopping at Shops at University Square, do you have a must-stop place?

Shane: Knight’s Chamber, for sure. They always have something new and interesting in there and the service is always exceptional. Bryce and Svaar bring customer service to a whole new level. I completely trust their expertise, and I would take their judgment on clothing and suits over my own. They are never pushy and always assist me in making the best possible choice within my budget.

Learn more about Knights Chamber by clicking here, plus Svaar shares his secrets on must have items and how to shop for your man. 

Samantha: They sure do a great job and I must say you are looking sharp! So, you’ve mentioned a lot of local favorites so far, but if possible, can you sum up a perfect day in Downtown Rochester for you?

Shane: I would start of with a light jog around the Zumbro River and then, of course, grab a coffee from Café Steam and walk around 1st Ave. for lunch, I’d grab a sandwich at Potbelly Sandwich Shop or City Market. I would then meet up with my “squad” and spend the rest of the night hanging out at the Peace Plaza or Central Park. We would then head to Terza for dinner and end the night with drinks at the Tap House.

Samantha: Sounds like you and your “squad” are in for a great day. Thank you so much for sharing your #MyDowntownRochMN with us!

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