The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) is proud to work with and feature local artists and the arts community whenever possible through our events, placemaking initiatives, or the Start-Up Grant Program open to first-time events taking place Downtown.

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Current RDA Calls for Artists

Submissions currently being accepted

Please note: submission of art does not guarantee the use of art in this project

ARTWalk is a community public art program presented by the Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) that showcases art throughout Downtown Rochester. In 2019, the RDA will expand ARTWalk through placemaking initiatives using art from local and regional artists for murals, re-purposing alley doors, and other projects.


Initially, artists are offered the opportunity to submit no more than two images that would fit a 48" x 84" single door, two images that would fit a 72" x 84" double door, and two images that would fit a 20' x 20' mural.

  • Each image should be cropped by the artist upon submission to fit these formats - some additional cropping may be necessary.
  • Submitted images may be of artwork in its entirety or a detail.
  • Please note: do not submit artwork you do not own or don't know that you will have access to for a high-resolution photograph.

Images of art (in any medium) are acceptable and encouraged as the work will be transferred to vinyl and applied to the selected location's surface (see "Installation Process" below).


To submit artwork for consideration, please email the following items to Karli McElroy, Senior Director of Placemaking no later than March 31, 2019:

  1. Signed Artist Contract
  2. Completed W9
  3. Up to six images total (two images that would fit a 48" x 84" single door, two images that would fit a 72" x 84" double door, and two images that would fit a 20' x 20' mural)

Please note: only images accompanied by a signed Artist Contract and completed W9 will be considered for inclusion in the Dropbox catalog. Images should be submitted at up to 300 dpi and sent in a file no larger than 10 MB total.


  1. Building owners/sponsors will be given access to the Dropbox catalog of images and will choose the image for use on their property.
  2. If your work is selected, RDA will contact you via email and require a tenth-scale, 750-1000 dpi version of the image for professional production and application. If you don’t have a high-resolution version or cannot provide one, the RDA will hire a professional photographer and arrange a photo shoot.
  3. Selected images will be removed from the catalog and may be replaced by the artist with another image for future consideration.


If an artist’s work is selected for a project, the work will be:

  1. Photographed (if needed)
  2. Transferred to vinyl
  3. Applied to the selected location surface by a professional vinyl installer 

Please note: Depending on the location, some cropping of the artwork may be necessary.


If an artist’s work is selected, compensation for artwork shall be $200 per image, per door location and up to $500 per image, per mural location.

The RDA specified compensation will be for image use only and will not assume any ownership of the original artwork.

Any inquiries for the purchase of the original artwork will be directed to the Artist.

Questions? Please contact Karli McElroy, Senior Director of Placemaking,, 507-216-9883