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New and tried-and-true activities at Dogs Downtown 2022

"Happy dog, happy life!" doesn't just apply to our four-legged friends that attend Dogs Downtown presented by Subaru of Rochester. The paws-abilities are endless for fun for all September 17! Everyone, including your pup, will be smiling ear to ear with all the following activities planned.

Perros en el Centro el 17 de septiembre, 2022

Traiga a su perro y a su familia a este evento gratuito sobre perros que incluye artesaníasfree , juegos, actividades y artículos gratuitos. Los perros deben ser amigables con los humanos y otros perros y deben estar atados para asistir.

Eeyaha Bartamaha Magaalada Sebtembar 17, 2022

Keen eygaaga iyo qoyskaaga dhacdadan bilaashka ee dhammaan ku saabsan eeyaha oo ay ku jiraan farshaxanada, ciyaaraha, hawlaha, iyo alaabo bilaashka ah. Eeyadu waa inay saaxiib la noqdaan bini'aadamka iyo eeyaha kale oo ay xirnaadaan si ay uga qaybgalaan.

الكِلاب في وسط المدينة سبتمبر ٢٠٢٢,١٧

أحضر كَلبك وعائلتك الى هذا الحدث المجاني الذي يختص بكل شي عن الكِلاب ويتضمن حِرّف , ألعاب, فعّاليات, ومواد مجانيه.

يجب ان تكون الكِلاب ودودة مع البشر والكِلاب الاخرئ وان تكون مربوطة من اجل الحظور.

  Dog caricatures

You know how human features become exaggerated with a caricature artist? Now picture what your dog would look like! No need to imagine: two dog caricature artists will be onsite to draw up your pup's portrait! It's a new (and free, we might add) activity at Dogs Downtown. We will all be howling with laughter at the dog drawings!

  Pop-up dog park

Huskies, Dalmatians, corgis, poodles, and dogs of all kinds are invited into the most exclusive of places at Dogs Downtown: the mutts-visit pop-up dog park! Compete with ramps, toys, and turf, this enclosed oasis is a dog's paradise.

  Agility course

Whether you have a young canine or an experienced pooch, the Dogs Downtown agility course is a blast! Once they wiggle their way through the course, dogs can claim their prize (a dog bone treat) and stand proudly atop the award blocks. Can you say proud "paw-rent" moment?

  Ball pits

Jump around! Or roll about. Or just sit in. Either way, the ball pits provide countless minutes of enjoyment for your dog and for you watching. Maybe this is the moment your pup can finally balance the ball on his/her nose or learn another trick. No better place to try than at Dogs Downtown!

  Live music

Performing from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Dogs Downtown is Room for Gray(hound). Sorry, we had to go for the pun! If all the above activities have worn you and your pupper out, grab a seat near the stage, rest your feet, and take in the pop/rock vibes from this musical group. Who knows, they may even play The Beagles...we mean, The Beatles.

  Food vendor: The Duck Truck

While not exactly an activity, The Duck Truck will be there to provide you with the fuel to keep up with your pup! We can only guess what crazy concoctions the Bleu Duck Kitchen crew has prepared; all we know is their gourmet hot dogs (the food, not a warm animal) are fantastic!

  Photo booth

Before you and your four-legged friend leave, snap a selfie with your dog or enlist an event volunteer to take your photo in front of the Dogs Downtown photo booth. It may just be your next holiday card to make the season furry and bright!

  View or download a Dogs Downtown map here.

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