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Altra Federal Credit Union is an A-Maize-ing Fall Fest Partner!

The Rochester Downtown Alliance is grateful for its unbe-leaf-able Fall Fest presenting partner, Altra Federal Credit Union. Find out from Altra's community relations manager, Shawn Hauser, why Altra is looking forward to partnering on Fall Fest October 5 and what she would be for Halloween.

Katie: Thanks for joining me to talk about Fall Fest, Shawn! Please tell us about the organization and how long it’s been a part of the Rochester community.

Shawn: Altra Federal Credit Union has been part of the Rochester community for more than six years. Our second location opened in January 2019. But members have been a fundamental part of Altra's vision since 1931. Over the years, that focus has seen the credit union grow into a leading financial institution with more than $1.6 billion in assets and more than 107,000 members worldwide.

Katie: What do you love about Fall Fest?

Shawn: Altra believes in supporting organizations and events that are good for the communities we serve. Fall Fest is a family-friendly event that brings the Rochester community together for goodwill and fellowship.

Katie: Now for some fun autumn-themed questions! Personally, what is your favorite fall activity?

Shawn: How do I pick just one? From sipping apple cider at the local orchards to navigating a scary corn maze, there’s so much to do in the fall. It’s my favorite season.

Katie: Take your pick: pumpkin or apple?

Shawn: Definitely apple!

Katie: If you could dress up as anything for Halloween, what would you be?

Shawn: The Mother of Dragons. [Editor's note: for those who don't follow this popular series, this is a characterDaenerys Targaryenfrom "Game of Thrones."]

Katie: Finally, is there anything else about Altra we should know?

Shawn: We are very excited to be part of the Rochester community and to develop lasting relationships with area organizations. On October 14, we will be hosting the second annual Altra Gives Back Day in which employees go into the community to volunteer and to work on special projects for various organizations. And October is International Credit Union Day in which Altra will celebrate all things credit union with our members and the community.

Join Altra Federal Credit Union and the Rochester Downtown Alliance as we present Fall Fest October 5