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Sharing the Best-Kept Secrets...To Study Spots

Welcome back, students! Summer may be over but the excitement of another year of studies and extracurriculars is upon you. When you need to put in the hard work to get the homework done, look to these outdoor spaces to provide a change of scenery for your study space.

Peace Plaza

Do you retain information better in a more bustling environment? Peace Plaza is just the space for you! With many surrounding businesses welcoming customers and Mayo Clinic patients and staff coming and going, this space is not short of activity. Bonus points? Many places to eat are within mere feet of Peace Plaza (on the street, pedestrian skyway and subway levels) when you need food to power your brain!

Central Park

The beauty of downtown's Central Park cannot be matched! Nor will its quietness when needed to cram for that all-important first exam. A nice breeze (but not strong enough to blow your papers away) will make for a nice study spot. And if a little white noise is needed, Central Park's fountain provides it with its peaceful sounds.

Outdoor patio areas

Agh! That impending project is due next week, and time is of the essence. When you need to pull double duty by eating a quick meal and preparing in between, think of downtown's temporary outdoor dining areas. Places like Bleu Duck Kitchen, Café Steam, Half Barrel Kitchen, Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria, and Potbelly Sandwich Shop all have dedicated outdoor dining areas that would provide a nice study space, with food and/or beverage purchase, of course! Or perhaps you can find another restaurant's patio space that will work best for you.

Pocket seating in Heart of the City

Pull up a chair next to a friend or classmate and get to studying! There is pcoket seating space between Eagle Store and Tangerine Gifts, just a short distance from Peace Plaza.


Mayo Park

Set yourself up at a picnic table in Mayo Park and take in a serene study area with the Zumbro River as the backdrop. Enough shade from the overhead trees and the surrounding art will make this a cool spot. Who knows, a few Canadian geese might even pop by to be your study buddies!

  When not studying, find more to explore in downtown Rochester here.