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Shining a Light on Kraus-Anderson, a 2019 Thursdays Downtown Partner

Kraus-Anderson Construction Company is just one of many community-minded partners that makes Thursdays Downtown successful! The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) is appreciative of its partnership and wants to shine the spotlight on them! Let's learn a little more about the organization from Cyle Erie, Kraus-Anderson's director of business development!

Katie: Thank you, Cyle, for joining me and sharing more about Kraus-Anderson! Tell us about the organization and how long it’s been a part of the Rochester community.

Cyle: Kraus-Anderson is an integrated family of companies providing commercial construction, real estate development and management, finance and risk management services. Our roots and most of our business is in commercial construction. We have been serving the Rochester community since the 1950s when we built the original Miracle Mile Shopping Center, which we recently renovated into mixed-use housing for Avani Living. We opened our Rochester office in 2012. A lot of people know our work through the recent Rochester International Airport Terminal expansion, as well as several landmark buildings downtown like University Square, Centerplace, 318 Commons, 501 on First, and most recently the Hilton hotel and Parking Ramp No. 6.

Katie: And we hear you recently moved! How are you liking your new digs?

Cyle: We love it!! We are excited to a part of such a vibrant part of downtown that’s constantly evolving. It is great to be within walking distance of all downtown Rochester has to offer, and we can’t wait to see Discovery Walk come right by our front door!

Katie: Why is Kraus-Anderson involved in community events?

Cyle: We truly love living our core purpose of Building Enduring Relationships and Strong Communities, and this means embracing the communities in which we live and work and seeking ways to strengthen them. What this means in Rochester is participating in community events and supporting organizations like the Minnesota Children’s Museum, Boys & Girls Club, Bear Creek Services and, of course, Rochester Downtown Alliance.

Katie: Why does the organization partner with the RDA for Thursdays Downtown?

Cyle: We like to have an appreciation event for our clients, subcontractors and business partners. Thursdays Downtown is a perfect setting for us because it’s a well-known event that people love to enjoy—and our event gives everyone an excuse to get out an enjoy Thursdays Downtown! The RDA has been very good to work with through this and other events.

Katie: What other upcoming community events are on your calendar?

Cyle: We are very proud of the completion of the beautiful Hilton hotel, Pittsburgh Blue restaurant and Parking Ramp No. 6—we would like to encourage everyone to check them out! We also have been working with RDA on the alley activation and hope the community enjoys the exciting improvements to our downtown alleys. Finally, we have been assisting the design team for the Heart of the City public realm improvements (Peace Plaza and 1st Avenue reconstruction)—watch for this effort moving through final design this year and into construction next year!

Katie: Which upcoming project are you most looking forward to?

Cyle: This is a tough question because we love all our projects and each one has its own unique challenges and rewards. From a downtown Rochester standpoint, we are working with Kahler Hospitality Group on a restoration and renovation of the Kahler Grand Hotel and the Towers at Kahler Grand Hotel. It is very rewarding to be a part of improving a great Rochester landmark!

To learn more about Kraus-Anderson Construction Company, please visit its website.