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One month of Clean and Safe Ambassadors in downtown Rochester

In just one month, the Rochester Downtown Alliance's Clean and Safe Ambassadors have made a noticeable impact in our downtown since starting July 1. (Daily cleaning and hospitality services will do that!) From disinfecting public spaces to picking up trash to removing graffiti, here are just a few stats from our Ambassadors' work* from July 1 to 31.

1,428 pieces of infrastructure disinfected


213 instances of graffiti removed

"Thank you for the quick work of the new Clean and Safe Ambassador program staff to remove the swastika graffiti at Mayo Park. This act of hate could have had a greater impact if it wasn’t for the identification and removal of the graffiti in an expedited manner. In addition, I appreciate you reaching out to the police department...which demonstrates to the community we have a strong collaborative relationship to keep downtown safe. Thank you for bringing the Ambassador Program to Rochester and I look forward to our partnership into the future.” - Chief Franklin

154 bags of trash collected


90 hospitality assists (i.e. providing directions and recommendations)

47 biohazards removed


*The tasks above are not all encompassing of the Clean and Safe Ambassadors' work. For more information about our Ambassador program and their duties, click here

If you notice something that needs our Ambassadors' attention in downtown Rochester, please reach out by calling 507-316-7511.