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#MyDowntownRochMN with Tim Hawkins

Our last feature of the #MyDowntownRochMN Campaign was with Amita Patel who shared how much she loves everything about Downtown. This time around we are chatting with Tim Hawkins to learn what makes his time spent Downtown so unique. 

Samantha: Hey Tim! Good to see you again. Thanks for being part of our #MyDowntownRochMN campaign.

Tim: Happy to participate, Samantha. I’ll try to be interesting.

Samantha: Yes, please try. (Laughs) Why don’t we start slow by having you tell us a little about yourself?

Tim: I can do that. I am the Operations Manager for Viking Electric Supply. I moved down here in 1998 for that job, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to stay in Rochester at the time. But Rochester has really developed over the years and downtown has a lot more to offer than it did back then. I also volunteer with the RNeighbors and the Kutzky Park Neighborhood association. With the KPNA I am the VP on the Board and I am part of the social committee. I really enjoy the social aspect of everything we do in Kutzky Park.

Samantha: So, you filled us in a little about what you do, now tell us what you do when you’re not working?

Tim: Well, I don’t technically live in Downtown – I live in Kutzky Park – but I spend so much time Downtown, people often think I live Downtown too. I like going out to eat and grabbing drinks with friends on rooftops and sidewalk patios. I also do some of my shopping Downtown.

Samantha: When you do go out Downtown, which shops and restaurants are your go-to’s?

Tim: Hmm, it’s hard to have a ‘go-to’ when Downtown offers so many wonderful places. For food, I tend to head to The Tap House, The Loop and Chester’s most often, with Chocolaterie Stam as the perfect fix for my sweet tooth. I also enjoy shopping at Tangerine they have a gift for everyone on your list and John Kruesel’s General Merchandise always has something unique.

Want to know more about the unique gift options at Tangerine? Click here

Samantha: Since you spend so much time Downtown, which events draw you in the most?

Tim: While I love Thursday’s on First & 3rd and the various events put on at the Peace Plaza, SocialICE is my favorite. Being that we live in Minnesota, sometimes you just need to embrace the cold! A lot of people socially hibernate all winter, but SocialICE provides a wonderful opportunity to get out and connect with the community. I even have friends that travel down from St.Paul/Minneapolis area to attend!

Samantha: That’s awesome! If you could plan a perfect day in Rochester with your friends from out of town, where would you take them?

Tim: Well, if the weather was nice enough, it's my dream day right? I would walk them Downtown from my house in Kutzky Neighborhood to either The Loop or Chester’s for brunch. I absolutely love the Chateau Theater building, so I would take them on a private, behind the scenes, tour of that along with the other beautiful historic buildings Downtown. We would then do a little shopping and head to The Tap House’s rooftop for mini doughnuts, tacos, and people watching, but not before I apply 100 spf sunblock. (Laughs) Of course, we would have to end the night watching the sunset from La Vetta’s rooftop.

Samantha: That sounds like the perfect day in Rochester! Thanks for sharing your #MyDowntownRochMN experience with me!

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