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Life of an Intern - Random Acts of Awesome

There is a saying that has become more and more common as the economy has tightened; it’s not what you know, its who you know.  However, I’d like to add a piece to this statement.  It’s not what you know, or who you know, but how you know who you know.  Let me explain, I truly believe that determination, dedication and hard work reap their own rewards, but not without the help of those surrounding.  Humans can be absolutely amazing and their passion, generosity and kindness leave marks on the world.  The best of this happens when people come together, united by a cause.  In the last few weeks, I have been able to witness all this and more as I acquired another internship with C4, Concerned Citizens for a Creative Community.  How am I going to tie this all in together? Well I guess you’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

First, I must rant and rave about being presented with the opportunity to intern with C4 in the first place.  To be honest, I had not even heard of C4 before my superior, Melissa Schmid, informed me that she had recommended me for an internship position they had available.  Here’s what blows my mind, a member of RDA had enough confidence in me to bet their reputation on my success or failure with this other organization.  If I ended up to be a horrible intern with C4, its not likely that they would be taking any other recommendations from RDA any time soon. ¶

However, Melissa believed in me enough to take that risk.  Melissa simply knowing me as a connection would not have been sufficient reason to recommend me to C4, but the fact that she knew me as dedicated intern who would work hard for C4 as I have for RDA is what tipped the scale.  This absolutely humbles and elates me.  I hope to continue to make impressions like this and open myself up to further opportunities based on the merit of my performance, not simply who’s name I know.

I’ve been interning with C4 for several weeks now, and this nonprofit definitely embodies how a group of dedicated individuals can make waves and blaze trails.  The main area I am aiding C4 with is a space downtown called The Creative Salon.  Located on the corner of 1st Ave SW and 4th St, The Creative Salon offers a space for artists and the community to come together and interact in a way that may not otherwise be available.  By focusing on space, connectivity and resources, C4 is creating a place where artists of any discipline can develop their work, confer with fellow artists and display their talents to Rochester through exhibits, shows and readings, all for free!  This concept is radical for Rochester, and exactly what it needs. 

The interest and desire for a space like this has been overwhelming and it is apparent that further steps need to be taken to establish this creative hub in Rochester.  I’ve been able to interact with several of the board members of C4 as well as the artists who frequent the Salon and volunteer their time, and the passion of this group is awe-inspiring.  The road to this point has been cumbersome, and full of potholes, but somehow C4 has pressed on into the black and emerged as a beacon. 

The coolest part of the C4 internship is not only seeing the organization grows, but the artists grow and benefit as well.  Good people with pure intentions and dedication make things happen and are able to see the rewards of their effort.  It may not always be in our time, but a time will come nonetheless.  This new experience has given me new sight and I can’t wait to see how the scene unfolds.

With determination,

Raquel Grad