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Social Ice Survival Guide Issue 3: Ice Bars and Staying Warm

SocialICE is just as much about the ice bars as it is about the activities! So we thought we'd put together this handy ice bar guide, so you can easily find your way to some of your favorite bars and restaurants that will be hosting them. (Skyway runs North and South)

Vote for Your Favorite Ice Bar

And while you're at it, vote for your favorite theme! This year marks the beginning of the first ever SocialICE Ice Bar Champions Cup! The ice bar with the best theme as chosen by the crowed will take home the SocialICE Ice Bar Champions Cup traveling trophy. Voting will take place at the information kiosk located at the east end of the Peace Plaza (east of the 1st Ave pedestrian crossing) near the Walk of Ice ice-sculpture garden.

Tips for Staying Warm

What’s the best way to stay warm at SocialICE? Keep moving and walk your way to all 7 bars, of course! But here's a few other tips and pointers to help you stay warm during Rochester Minnesota's Ice Bar.

  1. Layering – wear several layers of clothing. This will help to create air between the layers which will insulate and help ventilate your core.
  2. AVOID COTTON - cotton binds moisture and then has a chilling effect. Wool is your best friend during a MN winter.
  3. Bigger shoes – choose footwear that is a little roomier to allow for those cozy wool socks.
  4. Wind protection – a waterproof outer shell is key to guarding against any wind when amongst downtown buildings.
  5. Top it off – A good hat and is crucial. It should protect not only your head, but your ears, and neck. Gloves come in a variety of styles, but our favorites are the kind that you can use with your smart phone. #SocialICE

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