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What a year: 2021 Clean and Safe Ambassador Program numbers

What a year (in more ways than one)! Our Clean and Safe Ambassadors have been hard at work making downtown Rochester clean, safe, and welcoming. With a heightened importance for public spaces during the pandemic, the Clean and Safe Ambassadors put enhanced effort into cleaning and maintaining places like Peace Plaza and Central Park and general spaces throughout the 44 blocks of downtown.

The beginning of a new year offers an opportunity to review the year’s end Clean and Safe Ambassador Program stats. Let’s take a look!

  Cigarette butts picked up: 96,510*

  Infrastructures cleaned and disinfected: 6,518

  COVID-19 mask disposed of: 3,479*

  Hospitality assistance outreaches: 2,086 (176 percent increase from 2020)

  Bus stops cleaned: 1,892 (3,609 percent increase from 2020)

  Corners cleared of snow: 1,830 (858 percent increase from 2020)

  Graffiti removed: 1,111 (54 percent increase from 2020)

  Gum spots removed: 1,082* 

  Weeds pulled from blocks: 815 (18 percent increase from 2020)

  Power washed hot spots and block faces: 808 (380 percent increase from 2020)

  Bags of trash collected: 801

  Biohazards cleaned up: 441 (57 percent increase from 2020)

  Bags of leaves collected: 260*

  Planters/beds maintained: 109 (1,457 percent increase from 2020)

  Safety escorts provided: 68 (180 percent increase from 2020)


(data from January 1 through December 31, 2021)
*Began tracking January 20, 2021 and will have more data to compare next year

  If you notice something that needs our Clean and Safe Ambassadors' attention in downtown Rochester, please call 507-316-7511.