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2016 STYLE on the Plaza Fashion Blog

by Lauren Smith, STYLE on the Plaza Fashion Coordinator

Have you ever walked into your favorite clothing store after it has been recently stocked with a new season of clothes? That feeling of awe and excitement bubbles inside for all the new closet options. Each season brings along a set of new trends to embrace. But, are you brave enough to take them on?

Here are some quick tips to fearlessly add trendy texture and color into your wardrobe as you strut around town this fall.

  1. Don’t second guess something you are drawn to. There is a reason that jewel toned velvet jacket is calling your name in the store – now is your chance to rock it! Your personality is what makes each outfit unique, adding that special touch. Don’t shy away from the articles of clothing that draw you in – if you love something then you will find a way to incorporate them. 
  2. Put an end to comparisons. Be inspired by others, but be even more excited about your own personal style and taste. If you like what you see on someone else (including celebrities, coworkers, or friends), find ways to incorporate what you like into your wardrobe, but make it your own.
  3. Fashion rules are not to be taken seriously. Never put a false rule over your own self-expression and style. Wear white any day of the year, red and pink look amazing together, shorts are not only for summer, and mixed prints are not too busy.
  4. Keep your head high. You are allowed to be happy and comfortable each day. Just because someone else doesn’t connect with what you are wearing doesn’t give them the right to make you feel bad. A pink faux fur coat? That’s right. You have your reasons!

And to get you eager for upcoming fall and winter, here are the new trends and colors you will be able to experiment with. Get your closet ready…


  • Corsets
  • Capelets
  • Bell Sleeves
  • Statement Chokers
  • Colorful Patent Leather
  • Metal Details
  • Sequins


  • Bright Pink
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Copper
  • Scarlet Red
  • Forest Green
  • Lavender
  • Baby Blue

Which are you ready to boldly wear in Rochester this fall? For great examples on how to incorporate these trends into everyday life, come to Style on the Plaza on September 15th! Tickets are available here.

Returning for her second year, Lauren Smith is the STYLE on the Palza Fashion Coordinator.