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Put in a little heART-work to Downtown

Local Artists Featured Above (Left to Right): Layne Noser, Bailey Bryans Quam, and Cassandra Buck

An artist pours their heART and soul into his or her work. Countless hardworking hours are spent transforming an idea into reality. The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) is expanding its community public art program, ARTWalk, to incorporate local artists’ labors on doors in the alley between 3rd and 4th Street Southwest. Become pART of a larger 3rd Street Alley Project plan to incorporating special elements like art into Downtown Rochester. Artists will find the 3rd Street Alley Project as a large, plein-air gallery to display their creations in an enduring way. While the works will last, the time to submit art is fleeting. The call for art entries ends Sunday, March 31.

Now's the time: stART submitting artworks

With mere days remaining, artists are heARTened to enter their works for consideration for the 3rd Street Alley Project. New or existing art in any medium is eligible if it can be photographed. The RDA will work with 3rd Street alley businesses to sponsor a work and to transfer it to vinyl. Artists’ submitted works may be considered for other placemaking projects throughout Downtown. Please click here for entry details.

“Art is one of the well-known catalysts in creating a city’s cultural scene,” says Karli McElroy, the RDA’s senior director for placemaking. “Through the 3rd Street Alley Project, our hope is local artists publicly showcase their labor-of-love work to inspire what Will of Café Steam mentioned: the stop-in-your-tracks wow-factor interest in Downtown’s art, giving artists the opportunity to be part of growing Rochester and making them proud to be a local of somewhere special.”

Final Steps for Artists

The call for art entries ends Sunday, March 31. For more information about the call-out for artists, please click here or contact RDA Senior Director of Placemaking, Karli McElroy, at or at 507-216-9883.