Rochester Downtown Alliance


The mission of the Rochester Downtown Alliance is: “To create, enhance, and promote a downtown experience that is welcoming, fun, and livable.”


The Rochester Downtown Alliance is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation comprised of a broad range of people—representing property owners, business leaders, the city and others with a direct stake in enhanced business and economic development conditions in the Downtown district (click for special service district boundaries map).

We work together to build a vibrant Downtown community. We believe a strong core positively impacts the greater city of Rochester. Through a series of special events, activities and initiatives, we create energy, excitement, and a unique character to Downtown Rochester, Minnesota.

Our main portfolio of events includes SocialICE - Rochester, MN's Ice Bar, Thursdays Downtown Summer Market & Music Festival, Dogs Downtown, Fall Fest, and more. Rochester Downtown Alliance also collaborates with a number of partners on a variety of events and activities throughout the year.

Annual Report Click here to view the RDA 2020 Annual Report


Rochester Downtown Alliance was formed in February 2005 as a public/private partnership after a year-long study by the Downtown Planning Task Force known as PUMA. The concluding remarks of the study confirmed: “A vital downtown is needed for a vital Rochester!”

Rochester Downtown Alliance is funded by a portion of property taxes paid by commercial property owners located in the downtown service district. The special service district is comprised of 44 blocks.

Core Values

  1. We're the Downtown Experts - Downtown Rochester is our focus. Everything we do, we have Downtown in mind, constantly providing events, programs, and service that meet our vision. 
  2. Build it Together - Create and maintain an environment where we are better off collectively than we are individually. 
  3. Strive for Excellence - We are dedicated to excellence. Our quest embraces creativity, innovation, and hard work. We pride ourselves on being accessible and approachable to everyone. Our #1 priority is the quality of our events, programs, and services. 
  4. Be Passionate - We bring passion and a positive attitude to all that we do. 
  5. Have Fun - We have fun with everything that we do.