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DMC: The Rochester Story Project

Everyone has a story to tell and the people of Rochester are no different. Created by DMC, The Rochester Story Project comes to life in the people, places, and faces featured in the videos, and they just release the first installment. 

Check it out here. Tell us what you think? Did you see yourself? 

The Rochester Story Project from Knowble Media on Vimeo.

From the DMC Blog:

"The Rochester Story Project is a platform that gives voice to the people and places that make up the fabric of our city. The City of Rochester is a living narrative, and with the DMC plan nearing approval, our story is building momentum.

"Our goal with The Rochester Story Project is to showcase our community—one person at a time. These are people who live, work, play, heal and learn in Rochester. Individually, and as a collective, we all impact our community and each other, now and in the future"