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A Visitor’s Guide: Where to Stay and What to Do in Downtown Rochester

To see, to stay or to do; that is the question. In downtown Rochester, you can do it all! Whether you’re here for a day or a week, there’s no shortage of things to experience. Check-in to any of downtown Rochester’s fine hotels for a welcomed stay with plenty to do during waking hours. Below you will find a complete guide for visiting downtown Rochester!

What to Do:
We know events are one way to fill up your social calendar (we do it, too!). And downtown Rochester has a plethora of made-for-getting-together happenings! Live like a local: attend community events—large or small—to get a real feel for downtown Rochester’s vibrant atmosphere every day of the year!

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How to Experience:
Whichever way you like to have fun, downtown Rochester is the place for it! In the mood for an arts and culture experience? Ready for a moment in nature? Feeling up for a proactive activity? You’re in luck: every one of those can be found with a See & Do place in downtown Rochester!

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Where to Stay:
Rest easy knowing downtown Rochester offers comfortable accommodations for your visit, no matter how long that may be. With each property offering unique amenities, you’re sure to find the best place to lay your head. And it’s all within the convenience of downtown Rochester shopping, dining and other services!

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Make Rochester Home:
Enjoyed what you’ve seen and done in downtown Rochester and want to make your stay permanent? Downtown Rochester is a welcoming community and will make you feel right at home. Your living arrangements can be custom-fit to your lifestyle with a variety of apartments and rentals.

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