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Thinking Thursdays: Something for the Kids

Back to reality after a great holiday weekend! Good thing we got those fireworks in before all the rain!

One of the things that I love about Thursdays on First & 3rd is it’s fun whether you’re by yourself, with a group of friends, or with the kids. If you find yourself with some children to entertain, make sure to check out the booths below for some kid-friendly fun.

DK Toys

It’s all too easy to accumulate plastic toys--they come with happy meals, in birthday party favor bags, and from gumball machines. If all of the plastic feels a little overwhelming, make sure to check out DK Toys. DeWayne King has been hand-making wooden toys for over 20 years, and these beautifully crafted toys are safe, fun, and look great. Choose from a variety of cars, logging trucks, fire-trucks, planes, etc.--just about any type of transportation you can imagine. Fun Fact: All of the items are sealed with mineral oil and all the colors come from Kool-Aid, so it’s fine for your baby to put in their mouth and they're also a treat to look at.

RLM Designs

Ronda McLaughlin may be a familiar face for those who love Thursdays on First & 3rd. Her face painting booth has been here for several years and she’s made hundred of children smile with her creative and colorful designs. Ronda was inspired to start her booth when she saw what she felt like was a lack of fun options for smaller children to participate in at the market. You can see a testament to her success in all the princesses, sharks, and occasional Yodas walking by you downtown.

Rock out with Big Bang Boom

"Dance like there's no one watching" is sometimes easier said than done unless your a kid and you're listening to Big Bang Boom! "Established in 2007 out of Greensboro, North Carolina, this rocking 3-piece power pop band consists of talented artists and long-time musicians Chuck Folds, Steve Willard, and Eddie Walker.  But this group doesn’t play just any ole average music….GET THIS! These dynamic dads play parent-friendly children’s music!!!!" Their high-energy performance encourages crowd participation from kids and parents. "Think of it as a 'kid-appropriate frat party.'"


Jane Funk is a blogger, educator, reader, and nap-taking enthusiast and is the guest blogger for the summer downtown Rochester blog series Thinking Thursdays with Jane Funk.

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