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#MyDowntownRochMN Featuring Knight's Chamber

Located in the heart of the Shops at University Square lies Knight’s Chamber of Rochester. Shane Braatz mentioned in his #MyDowntownRochMN interview that the staff at Knight’s Chamber “provide a whole new level of customer service”. We decided to dig deeper into his statement and sit down with Svaar, owner of Knight’s Chamber, to learn about the ins and outs of his business.

Samantha: Hi Svaar, thank you for taking the time to share details about your business. We know that Knight’s Chamber is a men’s clothing and suiting store, but can you tell us a bit more about what you want your customers to experience when they work with you?

Svaar: When it comes to clothing, we’ve all had that experience showing up to an important event and seeing three other people wearing the exact same look. Our goal is to eliminate that awkward experience, leaving you feeling confident and comfortable in what you purchased. We carry well made, unique pieces that will help you make the right statement for the occasion.

Samantha: Tell me what fashion trends are in and what trends should be avoided?

Svaar: It’s important to know that not every trend is catered towards every person. For example, “slim is in,” but that just doesn't work for everyone, you need to know how to dress for your body type. Depending on your body type, it might look better to have taper and a comfortable fit in place of a slim suit, as it suits the portion of the person. I’ve been seeing a lot of accessories out lately—pocket silks and socks are the biggest. Shirts are still trimmed out with contrast with a lot going into stretch fabric and knits for button ups. Jeans are slim with new innovative designs and fabrics coming out every season.

Samantha: It seems like trends come and go so quickly.. What are some staples every well-dressed man should have in his closet?

Svaar: Let me break it down for you piece by piece: a ‘new’ blue blazer, a pair of stretch jeans, a simply patterned tapered shirt for dress or casual, and a nice cashmere sweater (preferably reversible so you can have two) are all items you should have in your closet. In terms of accessories, I’d say a leather bracelet, to show you have the ability to accent and a good belt with a fun pattern, because you don’t want anyone to think your mom bought it. Shoes are also important; I recommend having a pair of leather tennis shoes, wingtips, winter dress boots, and one pair of canvas slip on shoes for summer.

Samantha: I know your clients are typically male, but do you have any tips for the ladies out there that are looking to treat their man?

Svaar: Well, if you’re coming into Knight’s Chamber looking for a gift, I’d recommend the Secrid Wallets or the 34 Heritage stretch denim; those are two of our most popular items. If you’re shopping elsewhere, with your man in mind, make sure to avoid department stores and go to someone that knows style. Show them a picture and describe what you’d like; a good clothing expert will know exactly what you’ll both enjoy.

Samantha: Great advice! Is there something that would surprise most people about your business?

Svaar: Probably that I started my business with the Knight’s Chamber when I was only 17 years old! Another thing people may not know is that we can alter almost any piece of clothing. Have a shirt in your closet you’ve avoided wearing because it’s a little too long in the body? Fixed!

Samantha: Wow, that’s impressive. What’s your most memorable moment since going into business?

Svaar: I’d have to say the times where I had lunch with my mentors, Kevin Malloy, Dough Hildabrant and all the other people that educated me on being successful. Purchasing the store from my mentor and partner, Mike Bitzan, in 2011 was another great memory.

Samantha: Those do all sound like great memories! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today, Svaar!

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