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Paws-ing to Recognize Subaru of Rochester as Dogs Downtown Partner

The Rochester Downtown Alliance has quite fetching Dogs Downtown partners, one of which is Subaru of Rochester! We're paws-ing to recognize them as our presenting partner and to learn more about the company from Jake Wessel, Subaru of Rochester's marketing director!

Katie: Jake, thank you for sharing more about Subaru of Rochester! Please tell us about the organization.

Jake: The Subaru brand has been developing in Rochester since 1982. It was initially sold alongside other makes, but the brand eventually matured into its own. Subaru of Rochester became a stand-alone automotive dealership in November 2017, and it has been thriving ever since!

Katie: What do you love about Dogs Downtown?

Jake: The community and the pets! Subaru of America has an annual community initiative called “Subaru Loves Pets.” As a local retailer, we are thrilled to participate in that because we feel that pets enrich people’s lives and help connect people. Dogs Downtown helps us love on our pets while also connecting with other local dog owners in our community.

Katie: What will Subaru have for onsite activities at Dogs Downtown this year?

Jake: We will have a table with some swag for the pups as well as some dog treats and maybe even a vehicle or two!

Katie: Speaking of vehicles, which one of Subaru's is the most dog-friendly?

Jake: The Subaru Outback is the most dog friendly because of the dedicated rear cargo area. Because it doesn’t have a folding third row, it is always ready for a pup!

Katie: If Subaru were a breed of dog, which one best describes your company?

Jake: Subaru of Rochester is best described as a Siberian Husky. We like to be work hard, doing our own version of the Iditarod as we manage a fast-paced, efficient car dealership. However, we also like to be loud and have fun with things like social media, community events, the Rochester Football Club (several staff play and coach on the team!), and more!


To learn more about Subaru of Rochester, please visit its website.