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#MyDowntownRochMN with Craig Jacobsen

For this week’s #MyDowntownRochMN blog, meet Craig Jacobsen, a Police Officer in Downtown Rochester. We learned about his Downtown view as a police officer, as well as his recommendation for the best coffee.

Samantha: Hi Craig, thanks for meeting with me! Please start off my sharing a bit about yourself.

Craig: Thanks Samantha! Well, I’m 44 years old and am a retired Master Sergeant from the Army/National Guard. I’m now a Police Officer with the City of Rochester having spent the early part of my career Downtown and then returned as the Downtown Officer seven months ago. I also have a daughter named Kimberly who just moved back to Rochester from Duluth.

Samantha: Having recently switched back to working Downtown, what do you enjoy most about this location?

Craig: I like the variety of people and experiences in the Downtown area. There are four major parks, Central Park, Mayo Park, the Peace Plaza and Soldiers Field along with Mayo Clinic, hotels and businesses; each area presents different concerns and challenges for police officers to help the public all get along. You really get to know the regulars in the area and can help the needy and meet with business professions in the same block.

Samantha: What types of events bring you Downtown off the clock?

Craig: I’m normally working at Thursdays on First & 3rd, but if I wasn’t I would be sure to head there. The Riverside Concerts are a great way to relax on the weekends, along with the Mayo Civic Center for concerts and trade shows. RochesterFest at Soldiers Field is another great place to hang out and have fun!

Samantha: There seems to be a stereotype that cops love coffee, do you have a favorite spot to grab some joe?

Craig: My favorite drink is the Northern Light Latte at Caribou Coffee, but the People’s Food Co-op has great coffee too!

Samantha: Being that you spend a lot of time Downtown, what are some of your Downtown favorites?

Craig: I enjoy browsing all the shops in the Subway. I’d recommend the Kahler Grand or Hilton Garden Inn for any out-of-town folks.

Samantha: I know each day on the job is different, but if you could build an ideal work day Downtown, what would it look like?

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Craig: I would be able to check each park, have no issues at all and see that everyone is happy. I would also see all ranges of social and economic class hanging out together and being nice to each other. I’d then walk the skyway and subway and have interesting conversations with everyone I meet on my journey. I’d end the day with grabbing a good cup of coffee at one of the local establishments and write a report or two at a park.

Samantha: Sounds like a smooth day to me! Thanks for sharing how you experience Downtown.

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