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By the Numbers: One year of downtown's Clean and Safe Ambassador Program

July 1 marks the one year anniversary of the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program beginning in downtown Rochester. And what a different they've made in that short time frame! Here's a look at their accomplishments from the past year by the numbers.

  Picked up 60,042 cigarette butts


  Disinfected 6,502 infrastructures (high-touch areas like crosswalk buttons, parking meters, and public seating)


  Cleaned 2,963 infrastructures


  Disposed of 1,866 COVID-19 masks


  Assisted with 1,681 hospitality outreach


  Removed 1,574 instances of graffiti


  Cleared snow from 1,473 corners


  Collected 1,317 bags of trash


  Pulled weeds from 1,139 blocks


  Cleaned 1,058 bus stops

(data from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021)