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The eight item types found during the downtown river clean-up

July 1 marked the second anniversary of downtown Rochester's Clean and Safe Ambassador Program. While cleaning the downtown portion of the Zumbro River, the Clean and Safe Ambassadors and Rochester Downtown Alliance staff may have found the second anniversary gift of cotton (in the form of a lost baseball cap). Who needs silver or silk when the group found these lovely “treasures” during the river clean-up!

  Eleven bags worth of trash


  One Lime scooter


  A storm drain grate


  Sporting equipment like tennis and golf balls


  Many Styrofoam containers


  Countless plastic grocery bags


  One construction cone


  Three pieces of rebar


Thanks to the City of Rochester and Litter Bit Better for being partners on the river clean-up project. They collected and disposed of or recycled the items pulled from the Zumbro River.

  Our Clean and Safe Ambassadors ensure the daily experience of downtown is clean, safe, and welcoming. If you notice something that needs attention, please call our Ambassadors at 507-316-7511.