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Thinking Thursdays: Father's Day Finds & #RedBallProject comes to Historic 3rd

I hope you were able to make it downtown to one of the largest Thursday on First & 3rd kickoffs ever! Well if you didn't, stop by this week for some great Father's Day Finds and the first ever Themed Thursday

Five Fun Finds for Father’s Day

After we bought my dad the Beatles’ entire discography my siblings and I ran out of Father’s Day gift ideas...he has way too many ties tucked away in the back of his closet. So if you’re feeling stumped about what to get your father, or that special father figure in your life, check out the unique gifts available at the Thursdays on First & 3rd.

1. Gotcha Rocks--Gemstone Guitar Picks

Michael Seiler is a smith by trade, but his love of music lead him to making guitar picks out of semi-precious stones like Jasper and moss agate about 2 years ago. And if the polished, intricate patterns of the gemstone picks aren’t enough to draw you in, take a looking at the picks made from Australian fossilized dinosaur bones. Using one of these picks, dad is in the company of music luminaries such as Willie Nelson, Edie Brickell, and Joe Bonamassa.

2. DLF Custom Fishing Rods

Dan of DLF has been making custom fishing rods for 17 years. From saltwater fishing to ice fishing, Dan has the right rod for the job. He handmakes all the handles and if you don’t see one you love, you can choose from 100 types of wood for a custom rod. He also does custom engraving.

3. Grandma’s Gourmets

Maybe your dad doesn’t have a hobby, but I haven’t met a man yet who doesn’t love good food, which is exactly what you’ll find at Kimberly Olson’s booth. When Ms.Olson was recovering from back surgery in 2007, she found herself keeping busy by turning wild grapes from her father’s backyard into delectable jam for her whole family. She sells a wide variety of jams, jellies, pickles, and salsa. I sampled her Bloody Mary pickle (everything but the vodka and the worcestershire sauce) which was crispy and delicious.

4. Tilly Air 

When Kyle’s brother brought back an intriguing, spiky plant from a trip to Southern California, he realized that he wanted to share these beautiful air plants across Minnesota. The best thing about these unusual plants, besides their unique shapes is that even if Dad doesn’t have a green thumb, he can probably keep an air plant alive. Originating in Central and South America, these plants grow in harsh environments and, instead of rooting in the soil, they get all the nutrients they need from air and water. With price points from $6 on up, you’ll be sure to find something exotic and un-killable for dad.

5. Turned Write--Handcrafted 

I do most of my writing on electronic devices, and I’m assuming your dad does too, but that just means that if I am going to hand-write something like a note to grandma, I want to use a good pen. At Turned Write, you can get dad elegant writing tool for a reasonable price. These multi-hued pens are all hand-turned and each one is made free form. With creative handles in a variety of woods and metals (and easily refillable), these pens wouldmake a beautiful gift. 

Themed Thursday: Redball Project

As a final note, this week is our first Themed Thursday! The popular and wildly interactive Redball Project is an interactive art installation by artist Kurt Perschke that’s going to be in different locations all around Rochester this week. It's been getting lots of attention over the past few days at these past locations (click here). Post your photos of the RedBall with #RedBallProject to have your photos featured on the website. If you know that you’re not going to make it out to any of the other sites this week, then make sure to check out the ball when it’s on historic 3rd Street this Thursday.

See you there!


Jane Funk is a blogger, educator, reader, and nap-taking enthusiast and is the guest blogger for the summer downtown Rochester blog series Thinking Thursdays with Jane Funk.

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