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When: February 23-24, 2024
Time: Friday 4-10pm, Saturday 1-10pm
Where: Peace Plaza 
Cost: Free

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Downtown Rochester transforms into an icy oasis for Social-ICE! Unique themed bars—each with its own signature drink—and full-scale ice sculptures illuminated with vibrant hues light up the winter-drab night. Keep your blood pumping with nightly live DJ entertainment. This oh-so-nICE, cold-weather event is open to the public.

For family-friendly ice fun, check out Social-ICE FAM JAM.

Need a hotel? Check out the special Social-ICE rate for the Kahler Grand hotel!

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Social-ICE es un festival de hielo al aire libre en el centro de Rochester que cuenta con esculturas heladas, bares temáticos con cócteles ingeniosos, DJ nocturnos y mucha más diversión invernal.


Social-ICE waa bandhig baraf dibadda ah oo leh farshaxanno barafka, baararka mawduuca leh ee leh cocktails hal-abuur leh, DJ-yo habeenkii, iyo madadaalo badan ee jiilaalka oo magaalada hoose ah Rochester.


السطر 1: نشاط الجليد Social-ICE هو مهرجان جليدي على الهواء الطلق يضمُّ منحوتات جليدية، و أماكن ترفيهية ذات طابع خاص مع نشاطات خلّاقة متنوعة و فعّاليات موسيقية ليّلة، و مزيداً من متعة الشتاء في وسط مدينة روشيستر.

COVID-19 precautions: RDA follows all local, state and CDC guidelines pertaining to outdoor events.

Disclaimer: The Rochester Downtown Alliance does not permit the use of drones at any of its events.

(Video credit: Tyler Aug of The Rochester Posse)