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Mini Video Series Part 1: People of Downtown Rochester, MN

Part One of a mini video series showcasing some of the people that make Downtown Rochester, MN a great city to live in. 

The RDA in collaboration with Downtown Stakeholder, Red Couch Stories documented the wide array of people, place, and experiences that make up the foundational elements of the Downtown brand, a brand that the RDA launched, just three years ago, in March of 2015. The media suite produced almost 300 photos and 5 videos, which provide residents and visitors with an authentic glimpse of our growing city.

Each thirty second video will be released here on our website and on Facebook at 10:00AM the following dates:

“We ran along RDA’s side in documenting the incredible diversity of “People, Places and Experiences” throughout a nine-month window in 2016-17, creating a deep bucket of visual content for their team to use within their different channels,” said Red Couch Story Co-Founder, Shawn Fagan. “As our city grows, we appreciate the confidence the team at RDA placed in Red Couch Stories to create authentic content. Locally we have such a tremendous and diverse story. It’s an honor to help showcase the community that we love.”