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Meet the Bars

The first SocialICE featured one ice bar. Over the course of eight years, that number has grown to seven ice bars each with its own unique theme, hand-crafted drinks, and energetic bartenders and staff. So we thought we'd put together this handy ice bar guide, so you can easily find your way to some of your favorite bars and restaurants that will be hosting them.

Vote for Best Ice Bar

Stop by the Information Kiosk (located on the east side of the Peace Plaza) and vote for the best bar at SocialICE. The best ice bar as chosen by the crowed will take home the SocialICE Ice Bar Champions Cup traveling trophy and secure a spot in SocialICE 2017. With seven different ice bars competing for Best Ice Bar, you can bet they'll all be trying to out-do themselves from last year.

The SocialICE Insider's Guide is a four part series offering tips, tricks, contests updates,and more -- helping you navigate your way to the best-SocialICE-ever! A new issue will be released each Wednesday leading up to SocialICE, Feb 18, 19, & 20. The event is open to the public and free to attend.

Specialty Drinks