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The inspiration behind the Improv-ICE community sculpture design

Tiffany Alexandria (Improv-ICE community sculpture designer): Ever since I moved here, all I wanted for SocialICE is a big ice city that I can explore. So why not an iced Rochester? Bringing all the iconic Rochester landmarks to the center of downtown just seems SO COOL, so here are the inspirations of what I think of when I think of Rochester.

Snappy Chicken Sign

This quirky chicken just shows up at random places with signage that says all kinds of stuff! I've seen it parked down by my house once, and it's often seen everywhere around Rochester. It's odd but it's Rochester, and I've learned to enjoy the surprise. (There's also a snappy buffalo.)

Geese Crossing

Silver Lake in Rochester is filled with Canadian geese. Sights of cars stopping in the middle of the road to let geese cross is very Rochester to me.

Charlie Pig

Kind of a hidden landmark, Cheap Charlie's is an old breakfast diner on North Broadway. And they have this pig on the rooftop!

Monarch Butterfly

They are everywhere in Rochester, especially at Cascade Lake Park, during the summer. Kids in Rochester grow up learning about them and I just love how beautiful they are.

The Corn Tower

One of the most iconic sights in Rochester. The cob. This giant water tower is loved by so many in Rochester.

Plummer Building

I love this building's architecture: the amazing doors that are always open to all, and the little carvings on the side of the walls. The way it shimmers under the sunlight is gorgeous, too.

Peace Fountain

The Peace Fountain usually sits right in front of the Historic Chateau Theater in Peace Plaza, which is currently under construction. It had always been my favorite during any festivities downtown, so we have to have an iced version for Improv-ICE!

  See the Celebrate RochMN ice sculpture come to life at Improv-ICE February 6-14.