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#MyDowntownRochMN with Amita Patel

Meet Amita Patel, a newly settled Rochester resident, in this week’s #MyDowntownRochMN blog and learn about how she’s found a new home in Rochester.

Samantha: Hi Amita, I’m so excited to learn about what you think of Rochester! Please start off my telling me a little bit about yourself.

Amita: Thanks for having me Samantha! I’m the Area Director of Marketing and Events for Kahler Hospitality Group. I moved here from Los Angeles over two years ago, but my family is still in LA. When I moved from LA to Rochester, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy being here. Though I do miss the big city arts/culture, I do love the small town, big city feel. I love that there is no traffic and the airport is so easy to get in/out of. Rochester is a city on the move and with the DMC there is so much more growth coming. I have a degree in Microbiology from the University of Oklahoma…go Sooners! I’m also a huge football fan and can’t wait for this next season to begin. Another little-known fact about me is that I’m a huge rocker—I love classic and hard rock!

Samantha: Haha, that’s awesome! Besides work, what type of activities and events help to bring you Downtown?

Amita: I truly do love Thursdays on First & 3rd because it allows me to get a taste of what Rochester has in terms of food, arts and clothing. I love going to Tangerine because of their unique local and global items which are great for gift giving. Shopping at Primp is so much fun because they have wonderful pieces that blend well into my current wardrobe. I also enjoy going to the Downtown Farmers Market!

Samantha: You mentioned coming Downtown for food, do you have any favorite places or dishes?

Amita: I do love The Loop - love their Hawaiian Tuna Poke and Fish Tacos—and it reminds me of the LA food scene. Café Steam reminds me of my favorite coffee shop in Marina Del Rey and Bleu Duck Kitchen is amazing - never disappointed! I’m not much of bar person, though I have enjoyed a few beers at the Tap House. In terms of dishes, you are going to say I am biased on this response. I love the Petite Filet at Lord Essex Steakhouse. Pair it with the Classic Caesar and the loaded mashed potatoes - it is meal from heaven. I then must have my favorite Pinot Noir - Winers Hill, I only drink Oregon Pinot Noir's, and for dessert it has to be the Creme Brulee.

Samantha: Wow, now my mouth is watering! Being that your family is from out of state, are there any Downtown hotels you would recommend to them?

Amita: Easy - one of the five hotels under the Kahler Hospitality Group umbrella. There is something for everyone! The iconic Kahler Grand Hotel - a historic landmark of Downtown Rochester; the Marriott for those who want to experience the famous Marriott service; the Kahler Inn and Suites for friends traveling with family; the Residence Inn for friends visiting for a few days and of course for those who want to be pampered - The Towers at Kahler Grand - the only 5-star luxury hotel in Rochester!

Samantha: Aside from the hotel recommendations, are there any services you utilize Downtown? Or specific people that help make Downtown special for you?

Amita: I’ve banked at Wells Fargo for over 25 years and have always received great service, so it’s nice to have a branch right Downtown. For work, I often use Shawn Fagan from Fagan Studios for photo shoots. I also love Wabi Sabi, I have it almost everyday for lunch, but what I love best there is Jet. He knows my order by heart and can always predict what I’m going to order, but occasionally I try to surprise him.

Samantha: Although you haven’t been in Rochester for too long, I’m sure you’d have no problem building a perfect day Downtown. What would your day look like?

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Amita: Of course! I’d start the day with a hot mocha from Café Steam (extra hot please!) and then browse all the stores for something unique to purchase for family. Next, I’d have lunch at The Loop - did I tell you I love their Hawaiian Poke and Fish Tacos? Followed by a trolley tour of the city of Rochester and Mayo historical tour to get a feel of the city and the history behind Mayo Clinic. After the tour, I’d end the day by having dinner at Lord Essex with my favorite Pinot Noir and then I am ready for bed!

Samantha: Sounds like a great day Downtown! Thanks for sharing your #MyDowntownRochMN experience with us.

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