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Bookworm Walk Creates Downtown Adventure for Young Kids

Need to get your little ones out of the house? The Bookworm Walk, a 10-minute mapped route features pages of a children’s book set into flower planters. The route starts outside the Rochester Public Library, curves along the Riverfront, and ends at the Riverfront Waterfall. Make it a downtown adventure by starting at the library, walking the Bookworm route, and ending with a treat from the Chocolate Twist!

Finding enough activities for your kids to do in the summer can be a challenge. For young children, the Bookworm Walk is the perfect activity to get them away from the TV and out of the house. In its second year, the Bookworm Walk features four stories changing throughout the season of May - August. That means you’ll have four great opportunities for you and the kids to explore something new Downtown!

Adventure Day Downtown

We recommend starting your day at the Rochester Public Library, there you’ll find their children’s area on the main floor which has play areas, Kits for Kids to check out, or planned activities like the Family Dance Party on July 5. Plus, the library’s Summer Playlist is a great spot to find fun, free activities all summer long!

Want to get outside? Your Downtown adventure still awaits! Walk outside the library entrance on 2nd street and take a left, there you’ll find the start of the Bookworm Walk. As with all great adventures, you’ll need a map, so be sure to grab one from the brochure holder at the first stop. From there, enjoy the sun, river, and watching your children race from stop to stop eager to see what awaits them on the next page. At the end, the kids will love seeing the Riverfront Waterfall. You can also enjoy looking at the Riverfront wildlife or finding a place to sit and dive into the books you checked out from the library.

If you’ve worked up a little appetite from all that fun, take the nearby stairs from the river up to 3rd Street and continue your adventure at the Chocolate Twist. This fun shop (open Wednesday to Saturday, noon to 8pm and Sunday, noon to 6pm) is where you’ll find delicious ice cream and gourmet candy. You’ll also feel good knowing that their proceeds support the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester. Now put your feet up, eat that ice cream, and relax a little – you deserve it!

The Bookworm Walk is presented by the Rochester Downtown Alliance in collaboration with our supporting partners, the Rochester Public Library and Rochester MN Moms Blog, and our beautification partner, Lanier Parking. For more information and a schedule of books click here.